VMWorld session VCM5008 vCenter Operations and the Quest for the Missing Metrics will be repeated

Since the original session by Eric Sloof and myself filled up pretty quickly, there will be a repeat session on Tuesday August 27th at 2 pm in Salon 6 at the Marriott hotel.

This extra session is now available in the Schedule Builder at VMWorld.com

This session will teach you how to customize vCenter Operations to provide you the information you really need for your business. We do this by giving you some real life examples from the field where we use Custom Dashboards, Super Metrics, Adapters and Alerts in order to give you the best possible view into the well-being of your environment. You’ll also see a live demo of third party integration and you’ll learn how to monitor the performance of your enterprise to diagnose and prevent problems.




As you all might have noticed on twitter or other social media, there are some changes happening at the NL VMUG.

You ll might know the NL VMUG from the yearly VMUG event and the different smaller workshops they organize trough out the year.

The VMUG in the Netherlands was founded in 2004 by Bouke Groenescheij, and parented  by Viktor van den Berg, the XTG staff and volunteers from the community till 2011, the year the VMUG Customer Council was formed.

One of the roles of the VMUG Customer Council was to support XTG  on organising the the yearly VMUG event.

Over time, the ideas on what the event should look like grew appart. Last week the VMUG Customer Council realised these differences where not likely to be bridged in the near future, and decided something had to change. Continue reading

Tech Preview of Horizon View Desktops Plugin for the vSphere Web Client

During the Horizon View 5.2 Beta I noticed the View Desktops Tech Preview. Since the Beta was covered by an NDA I was not allowed to publish this, but since the product is GA for a while now here’s the story.

The plugin will let you search for usernames in the vSphere Web Client search field and shows you the desktop(s) for this user. Continue reading

Please vote for VMworld Session 5008 “vCenter Operations and the quest for the Missing Metrics”

Hello community, we are reaching out to you for your help.

Eric Sloof from NTPRO.NL and myself proposed a session for this years VMworlds. We both do like the VMware vCenter Operations Manager product a lot, but see lots of people do not get the maximum out of it since they just use the standard dashboards that come with the product.
In our session we want to give you some real life examples from the field on how you can customize vCenter Operations Manager Advanced and Enterprise to show you the information you need. We will show you you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make this happen.

We need your help to make this happen, so please vote for our session 5008 here Continue reading

Beta training in Frimley: VMware vCenter Operations Manager: Advanced Usage and Dashboard Design

May 8th – 10th 2013 VMware will host  a 3 day beta training at their Frimley UK HQ for their new VMware vCenter Operations Manager: Advanced Usage and Dashboard Design training.

This training course focuses on the advanced capabilities of VMware® vCenter™ Operations Manager™ 5.6, such as adapters, customization and management topics. You will learn how to use adapters, define custom super metrics, customize dashboards, and use the Custom user interface.

I have been fortunate enough to participate in an alpha training for this class and must say I enjoyed it very much. Very useful for people that want to customize their vCOps environment to show specific metrics or combined metrics

Cost for this training is around 50% of the normal price

See the attached info sheet, and if interested, register for this training here

Space is limited

beta announcement – vcops advanced 5 x

Continue reading

Connectivity issue when upgrading Dell R620 to ESXi 5.1 build 914609

When building a couple of new ESX hosts based on Dell R620 systems, I used the Dell customized iso VMware-VMvisor-Installer-5.1.0-799733.x86_64-Dell_Customized_RecoveryCD_A01.iso to install ESXi

Those Dell systems had 4 Broadcom nics (2 x 1Gb + 2 x 10Gb) and 2 Intel 10Gb nics

Install went fine, and I decided to upgrade to the latest patches using esxcli since the hosts had no access to vCenter. All went fine till after the reboot. I noticed all Broadcom nics where missing from my hosts, most likely due to a driver issue, so time to investigate. Continue reading

Serious performance impact on high IO VM with multiple snapshots

Recently I ran in to a situation where a customer suffered severe performance issues on a virtualized SQL server. In the SQL server we noticed a high CPU utilization, but the underlying ESX hosts only showed relatively low CPU utilization for this VM.

Debugging the VM performance issue with esxtop showed very high co-stop (%CTSP) vallues.

According to the vSphere Monitoring and Performance guide, %CTSP is

Percentage of time a resource pool spends in a ready, co-deschedule state.
NOTE You might see this statistic displayed, but it is intended for VMware use only.

Funny how VMware expresses this metric is only to be used by VMware 🙂 Continue reading

vCenter 5.1 upgrade removes permissions in vCenter in non AD environment

While upgrading vCenter to 5.1 in an environment where we used local authentication on the vCenter server, we were in for a little surprise.

The original vCenter server had a lot of custom roles and user permissions defind, on all kinds of objects in vCenter.

When we did the upgrade, we decided to install the SSO server on a separate server, and when we did the vCenter upgrade and it was registered with the SSO server, we suddenly received a message that users and groups where not found on the SSO server, which kind of made sense, since even though we recreated the users and groups on the SSO server, they had different security IDs. But what we did not expect, is the upgrade process decided to remove all non existing users and groups from the vCenter database, effectively removing all permissions from vCenter … Continue reading

ESX hosts not registering on EMC VNX (and fix)

While working on an upgrade to vSphere 5.0U1 on a Cisco UCS environment, where the ESX hosts boot from SAN, I noticed one of the hosts was not registered correctly on the EMC VNX, as it showed up as unmanaged. Because the ESX hosts boot from SAN, the host has to be registered before it can auto register, and when it was registered manually  the host was not able to update the registration. Continue reading