VMworld 2016 Second Keynote

The second keynote is usually a more tech savvy, and packed with demos (which used to be live but are replaced by recorded demos nowadays).

Keynote starts with Sanjay Poonen,General Manager of End-User Computing.

Sanjay starts talking about the transformation of education, healthcare, and low tech branches like tea estates, digitally transforming the end user. Continue reading

VMworld 2016 Opening Keynote

I was fortunate enough to attend VMworld again this year. This is my take on the Monday morning Keynote.

Pat Gelsinger, VMware’s CEO kicks of limping a little due to a broken foot.

21 Alumni Elite present, whom have attended all VMworlds (all US VMworlds to be more specific) They will all get lifetime access to VMworld for themselves and their spouses.

Let’s see if VMworld Europe Alumni Elite will get the same privileges … Continue reading