Enable “save password” for VMware View iPad client in VMware View 5.1

In the release notes for the View client for iPad version 1.5 I read one of the new features for the client is:

Save password option if administrator enables new VMware View 5.1 policy

Since I already upgraded my Lab/Demo environment to View 5.1, and this would be a very welcome feature for demo purposes (I would not use this in a production environment due to the security issues this might cause) I decided to enable it.

Because the release notes talked about a policy, I kind of expected this option to be either in an ADM template, or in the policy section of the Connection Server.

It was not ….

I found the solution in the VMware View 5.1 Documentation Center

My example is for a Windows 2008 R2 Connection Server

Log on to (one of your) connection server(s) as an administrator

Run ADSI Edit:

Choose “Connect to…”

In the next screen, enter the following settings, and click OK

Drill down to OU=Properties, OU=Global, CN=Common and look for the option
pae-ClientCredentialCacheTimeout and enter the number of minutes you would like the password to be able to be saved (I use 10080 minutes in my example, which is one week)

As soon as you enter this value and hit OK, it will be active.

The next time you connect to your View Server with your iPad client, you get an extra option to save your password:

At this moment, you can only set this for your complete View environment. It would be nice if you could set this per Pool or with a policy in AD, to limit this function to only a subset of desktops.



4 thoughts on “Enable “save password” for VMware View iPad client in VMware View 5.1

  1. Does it only works when certificates are in place? – I have changed the value as you described but still I dont see the save password option on my iPad

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