EMC WebEx on VAAI support in ESX5 for CX4 at the 28th of June

Today I received a tweet from Chad Sakac, SVP Global SE at EMC, that he will be discussing some of the questions and concerns I raised in my blog post Challenges when upgrading environment with EMC CX4 to vSphere 5 and mixed CX4/VNX environment in next weeks Chad’s Choice WebEx, and in a blog post on his Virtual Geek blog.

Subjects for this call will be:

  • What’s the scoop on VAAI on vSphere 5 and CLARiiON – Why isn’t it shown as supported with vSphere 5, but is with vSphere 4.x?
  • Multipathing behaviors – How does it work today, and how will it work tomorrow?
  • Upcoming VNX software release has material changes – What are they and how do they work?

So for anyone that is interested in these subjects I would suggest you attend this WebEx on the 28t of June

You can register here for this WebEx on the 28th

Date and time: Thursday, June 28, 2012 5:00 pm
Europe Summer Time (Amsterdam, GMT+02:00) 
Thursday, June 28, 2012 8:00 am
Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00)
Thursday, June 28, 2012 10:00 am
Central Daylight Time (Chicago, GMT-05:00)
Thursday, June 28, 2012 4:00 pm
GMT Summer Time (London, GMT+01:00)



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