As you all might have noticed on twitter or other social media, there are some changes happening at the NL VMUG.

You ll might know the NL VMUG from the yearly VMUG event and the different smaller workshops they organize trough out the year.

The VMUG in the Netherlands was founded in 2004 by Bouke Groenescheij, and parented  by Viktor van den Berg, the XTG staff and volunteers from the community till 2011, the year the VMUG Customer Council was formed.

One of the roles of the VMUG Customer Council was to support XTG  on organising the the yearly VMUG event.

Over time, the ideas on what the event should look like grew appart. Last week the VMUG Customer Council realised these differences where not likely to be bridged in the near future, and decided something had to change.

The NL VMUG decided to hook up with the Global VMUG and start over as a community driven organisation.

As in most breakups, there are no winners. I truly believe every one involved tried to make this work, but it was not meant to be.

So what will this mean for me? you might ask.

Good question, a question that probably only will be answered over time, but the good news is, you can all be part of the answer!

What I would love to see is a user group where the users have a more active role, where there’s room for smaller sessions, so individuals that would like to share their experience can do so without being scared by a huge audience with high expectations.

I would love to see some small die hard sessions, next to some small 101 sessions. The community is and should be diverse, and there should be interesting content for everyone.

I would like to see a way to make this affordable for individuals, so individuals without a boss paying for them can also be part of the community, and if that means BYOF (Bring your Own Food) I will bring my own food. And if that means no backpack, I will bring my own backpack.

Kind of feels like going back to basics, back to the essence of a community, so this article should have been called NL VMUG 0.1 instead of 2.0, but I think you get my point.

So what can you do?

To keep up to date on the NL VMUG, have a look at their new site at, follow them on twitter get registerred on or have a look at Google+

P.S. Just noticed last fridays save the date for the Dutch VMUG event 2013 on, interesting …



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