Invalid credentials message when registering vCenter Server with external Platform Service Controller in vSphere 6

When vSphere 6 was released, I decided to delete my RTM version of my external Platform service Controller and vCenter Server appliances, to replace them by the GA versions.

Installing the PSC went fine, but when installing the vCenter appliance, I was not able to register it to the PSC. I kept getting the message “Invalid credentials” every time I entered the SSO administrator password. Redeployed the PSC several time, using different passwords, but no luck registering the VCSA.

Then I suddenly remembered I added and trusted the Certificate Authority certificate that I downloaded from the original PSC on the host I was trying to reinstall the PSC and VCSA from.

So I decided to delete the trusted CA root certificate from the certificate store on my windows host, and voila, I was able to register the VCSA with the PSC …

So seems like redeploying the PSC and registering the VCSA with the PSC when you added the CA root certificate on the PSC to your trusted Root certificates causes the registration to fail …. Probably since the CA has the same name, but is not the same certificate ….

And no, there was no KB article on this on the release date 🙂

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