VMworld 2016 Second Keynote

The second keynote is usually a more tech savvy, and packed with demos (which used to be live but are replaced by recorded demos nowadays).

Keynote starts with Sanjay Poonen,General Manager of End-User Computing.

Sanjay starts talking about the transformation of education, healthcare, and low tech branches like tea estates, digitally transforming the end user.

Workspace one brings applications and eco systems together.

Sanjay is going to talk about the 3 layers, Apps & Identity, Desktop & Mobile, and Management & Security. Workspace One is the way to go. Sanjay promises live demo’s, let’s see … Ah, videos again …

Sanjay is doing a live commercial for Workspace One with recorded videos.

First shows some AirWatch features and Horizon with Nvidia support, nothing new yet, except for an application to approve T&E.

Sanjay invites Stephany Buscemi, Executive Vice President at Salesforce Marketing on stage. She talks about a Salesforce app with deep insight in the sales processes.

No talks about Fusion and Workstation, ant tels free license is available from the VMworld App, nice.

Back to AirWatch, customer success story video is shown.

Next is a demo for unified endpoint management, conditional access is shown, where work related info is not allowed to be posted on Twitter for instance. NSX is used to limit access to specific sets of the datacenter.

Next is a demo for VMware TrustPoint by Tanium, for threat detection and remediation.

Now ray O’Farrell takes the stage, VMware’s CTO. Ray invites Kit Colbert on stage talking about Cloud Native Applications. Who are using containers? … Hipsters …. Kits says he’s partially hipster, he loves hipsters …

Kit talks about extending existing virtual infrastructure to support containers, using vSphere integrated containers and/or Photon Platform.

Demo time, or actually, video time, showing provisioning containers from a repository.

Talking about a Virtual Container Host, which kind of looks like a vApp, where containers are provisioned. Shows standard vSphere tooling like NSX and vRops support containers, and resources for containers can be configured.

Now talks about using vRA for automation and governance. Using vRA to request an extension of the resources to be used for containers.

Next a video with talking about using vSphere integrated Containers.

Photon Platform is more targeted at greenfield installations, without vSphere.

Who versions at this moment, in the near future a version with Kubernetes and NSX support.

Ray is back on stage, talking about SDDC

New vSphere announcement will be done in Barcelona, not here.

Now Rajiv Ramaswami, EVP/GM Networking and Security talks about NSX.

Average cost of a data breach is $ 4.000.000 … NSX can prevent this using Micro segmentation.

NSX solves Security, Automation and Availability issues. Rajiv now mentions several customers and how they use NSX, followed by some customer videos.

Talking about vRealize Network Insight now (think this is the former Arkin product)

Accessible form the NSX gui and visualizing security policies, and able to convert seen traffic to security policies. Looks promising.

Next is Yanbing Lee, SVP Storage and availability at VMware, talking about VSAN.

High level story on why VSAN is great, not too many details unfortunately …. No face melting news so far.

Ah, demo time, using vRA to move workloads based on expected issues in the near future, not local, but to Softlayer in public cloud … Seems like integration finally starts to work.

Ray takes the stage again for a wrap up.



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