vSphere Distributed Switch refused to upgrade to version 6.5

Just after vSphere 6.5 was released I decided to upgrade my lab to 6.5. Most of the upgrade went pretty smooth, but two of my 3 distributed switches refused to upgrade. Googeling for a solution dit not help too much, probably since the product was released just a day before 🙂 When I tried to upgrade I got a message the vDS config could not be read. I also noticed I was not able to upgrade these switches to enhanced LACP.

I did find some kb articles regarding some wrong vCenter database entries for LACP in previous upgrades, so I had a feeling this was related to LACP (which I do not use) …

So I decided to temporary configure LACP to maybe correct these wrong entries in the vCenter Database …

Since both vDS switches had two uplinks, and configuring LACP while your switches do not have LACP configured is generally a bad idea since you will break connectivity, I decided to first remove one of both physical adapters connected to each host from the uplink port group.

Next step was to enable LACP on the uplink port group.

Use Edit Uplink Portgroup settings on this vDS, Select LACP and set status to Enable, followed by save. Next, Use Edit Uplink Portgroup settings again, and set status to Disable.

Next thing I did is add the removed NIC to the uplink port group again.

After this quick workaround, I was able to upgrade my vDS to 6.5 🙂



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